ISMN – International Soil Moisture Network

Fig.: ISMN data portal with all the included networks.


In-situ soil moisture observations are still trusted to be the most reliable data to validate remotely sensed soil moisture products. The International Soil Moisture Network (ISMN; provides in-situ soil moisture data from all around the world, which is collected from individual networks and data providers, measured by different sensors in various depths. The data sets, which are delivered in different units, time zones and data formats are then transformed into homogeneous data sets.


The operation of the International Soil Moisture Network started in 2010. A global in-situ soil moisture database was established and is extending rapidly. This open data  is used for validations of soil moisture data retrieved by satellite data and are the foundation of many other scientific publications.


The ISMN has been funded through the European Space Agency’s (ESA) SMOSNet soil moisture network study. We highly appreciate all data providers who are so kind to share their data with the ISMN.

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Results and publications

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