New research group Climate and Environmental Remote Sensing at TU Wien GEO

We are happy to announce that since May 1 2017 the GEO Department officially hosts the new research group Climate and Environmental Remote Sensing (CLIMERS). CLIMERS ( will focus on the production of long-term Earth observation and in-situ land surface products and their use in solving urgent research questions related to our climate and environment.

The CLIMERS group has its foundations in the Microwave Remote Sensing group led by Wolfgang Wagner and is initially co-funded by the TU Wien Science Award received by Wouter Dorigo in 2015.

We are looking forward to continuing working together with our colleagues from the other GEO research groups and initiating new cooperations with other TU Wien research groups and (inter)national research partners.

Alexander, Angelika, Christoph, Daniel, Elsa, Felix, Irene, Matthias, Romina, Wolfi, Wouter



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