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Matthias Forkel

Projektass. Dr.rer.nat. MSc

Research Group:
Research Area:
Remote sensing and vegetation modelling to better understand the role of ecosystems in the Earth system

Gußhausstr. 27-29 / E120 (CB0306)
Wien, 1040
Phone #:
+43 (1) 58801 - 12229
Forkel, Matthias


Upcoming invited talks

England science trip: Matthias will present Earth Observation and Data Science to better Understand and Model Ecosystems under Global Change at:

  • 2018-11-01, University of Birmingham, School of Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (host Thomas Pugh), Birmingham, UK.
  • 2018-11-07, University of Exeter, College of Life and Environmental Sciences (host Stephen Sitch), Exeter, UK.
  • 2018-11-08, Imperial College London, Department of Life Sciences (host Colin Prentice), Silwood Park Campus/Ascot, UK.

Invited talks at institute seminars or colloquia

Forkel M. The Greening of the Earth. Integrating ecosystem models and satellite observations. Invited talk presented at: Symposium for ecological modelling at the University of Hamburg; 2018 May 23; Hamburg, Germany.

Forkel M. The “greening” of the Earth: impacts of recent vegetation trends on the global carbon cycle and on wildfires. Invited talk presented at: Geographisches Kolloquium der Universität Göttingen; 2018 Jun 5; Göttingen, Germany.

Forkel M. Integrating Earth observation and global vegetation models for a better understanding of ecosystem dynamics. Invited talk presented at: International Institute for Applied System Analysis; 2017 Jul 5; Laxenburg, Austria.

Invited talks at workshops

Forkel M. Identifying global relations with vegetation fires in data and models. Invited talk presented at: Workshop on data-guided appraisal of biosphere-climate interactions; 2018 Oct 5; Gent, Belgium.

Forkel M. Pattern-oriented evaluation of burned area dynamics in FireMIP models using machine learning. Invited talk presented at: 4th FireMIP workshop and ESA Fire_cci user workshop; 2017 Oct 17; Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany.

Forkel M. Controls on global fire activity. Invited talk presented at: Max Planck Institute for Biogeochemistry; 2016 Nov 29; Jena, Germany.

Forkel M. Soil moisture controls on fire activity. Invited talk and poster presented at: ESA CCI collocation meeting; 2016 Oct 4; Frascati, Italy.

Forkel M. Vegetation and climate controls on fire activity in observational datasets and FireMIP. Invited talk presented at: 3rd FireMIP workshop; 2016 Sep 22; Hamburg, Germany.

Forkel M. Soil moisture controls on vegetation and fire dynamics. Invited talk presented at: ESA CCI Soil Moisture User Workshop; 2016 Apr 29; Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Scientific talks at conferences

Forkel M, Dorigo WA, Lasslop G, Chuvieco E, Teubner IE, Thonicke K, et al. Das globale Grünen in den letzten Jahrzehnten: Auswirkungen auf Waldbrände. Oral presentation presented at: 19. Österreichischer Klimatag; 2018 Apr 24; Salzburg, Austria.

Forkel M, Dorigo WA, Lasslop G, Chuvieco E, Teubner IE, Thonicke K, et al. Diverse responses of wildfire burned area to the widespread greening of the Earth. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2018 (oral presentation). Vienna: EGU; 2018. p. EGU2018-4339.

Forkel M, Dorigo WA, Lasslop G, Teubner I, Chuvieco E, Thonicke K. Deriving required model structures to predict global wildfire burned area from multiple satellite and climate observations. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 (oral presentation). Vienna: EGU; 2017. p. EGU2017-6050.

Forkel M, Carvalhais N, Rödenbeck C, Keeling R, Heimann M, Thonicke K, et al. Enhanced seasonal CO2 exchange caused by amplified plant productivity in northern ecosystems. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2016 (oral presentation). Vienna: EGU; 2016. p. EGU2016-2117.

Poster presentations at conferences

Forkel M, Thonicke K, Thurner M, von Bloh W, Dorigo WA, Carvalhais N. Model-data integration to improve the LPJmL dynamic global vegetation model. In: European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2017 (poster presentation). Vienna: EGU; 2017. p. EGU2017-6078.

Forkel M, Dorigo WA, Thonicke K, Thurner M, Carvalhais N. Satellite observations to constrain global ecosystem models. In: ESA Living Planet Symposium 2016 (poster presentation). Prague. Czech Republic; 2016.