ESA CCI SMSoil moisture anomalies for the year 2018 derived from the ESA CCI COMBINED v04.5 product.

Description: The ESA CCI Soil Moisture product provides three daily products based on scatterometer data only (ACTIVE), radiometer data only (PASSIVE) and both (COMBINED).

Data: FTP through official website

Coverage: Global; 1978 - 2019

Resolution: 0.25 degree; daily

Current version: v04.7

More informaton: Official website; CLIMERS project page

C3S SMAugust_2017_soil_moisture_anomalies.jpg

Description: Based on the processing algorithm of the ESA CCI SM, the C3S data products (PASSIVE, ACTIVE, COMBINED) are extended in near real time every 10 days.

Data: Copernicus Climate Data Store

Coverage: Global; 1978 - 2018

Resolution: 0.25 degree; daily, dekadal (10-daily), monthly

Current version: v201812

More informatonCLIMERS project page


Description: A harmonized and quality controlled global in-situ soil moisture database, operational since 2010 constantly expanded temporally as well as with additional networks.

Data: Soil moisture + 7 additional variables from upper soil layer until two meter depths (all dependent on the individual stations); stored in separate files (CEOP formatted).

Metadata: 3 additional metadata information stored for each station ( Harmonized World Soil Data, Köppen-Geiger Climate Class, CCI Landcover); additional soil information from provider stored in database (dependent on individual networks) 

Coverage: Global; 1952 – near real time

Resolution: point coordinate for each station

More information: Official website, CLIMERS project page


VOD_titled.png Description: Vegetation Optical Depth describes the attenuation of radiation by plants. VOD is a function of frequency as well as vegetation water content, and by extension biomass. VOD has many possible applications in studies of the biosphere, such as biomass monitoring, drought monitoring, phenology analyzes or fire risk management.

Data: via

Coverage: Global; 2002-2018 (C-band), 1997-2018 (X-band), 1987-2017 (Ku-band) 

Resolution:  0.25 degree; daily.

Current version: v1.0

More information: VODCA on