Wouter Dorigo co-authors paper on drought impacts on sea grasses in Current Biology

Wouter Dorigo co-authors a study in Current Biology on how increased drought may trigger the breakdown of  seagrass-lucinid mutualism and eventually amplify the seagrass ecosystem degradation. The study was led by a Dutch group around Jim de Fouw and Tjisse van der Heiden. Wouter's contribution was funded by the EOWAVE TU Wien Science Award.

Original publication:

De Fouw, J., Govers, L.L., van de Koppel, J., van Belzen, J., Dorigo, W., Sidi Cheikh, M.A., Christianen, M.J.A., van der Reijden, K.J., van der Geest, M., Piersma, T., Smolders, A.J.P., Olff, H., Lamers, L.P.M., van Gils, J.A., van der Heide, T. (in press). Drought and mutualism breakdown drive landscape-scale degradation of seagrass beds. Current Biology, doi: 10.1016/j.cub.2016.02.023

Article on ScienceNews:

"How to keep sea grasses as happy as a clam"
 March 21, 2016