Quality Assurance

In parallel to product development, quality assessment has demanded the continuous dedication of the scientific community of Earth Observation and Climate Science since the evolution of the first data-sets estimating geophysical variables. The underlying aim has been directed at characterizing measurement errors and uncertainties with the ultimate purpose of facilitating products inter-comparison and increasing user trust. This effort is synchronized with the ever more stringent requirements on products quality set by the end-users and stakeholders, which call for rigorous norms in the assessment and validation processes.
The CLIMERS group works with in situ (on the ground), satellite-retrieved and modeled soil moisture data to fulfill the requirements of Quality Assurance for soil moisture products, striving to establish itself as an acknowledged reference point within the scientific community. To ensure a trustworthy quality of our scientific output, we are engaged in maintaining and developing referential data-sets with automated and transparent quality controls, harmonizing the data-sets validation procedures, implementing protocols and proven standards in the employed methods and ensuring traceability from the data source to the algorithms used in the validation process.
This work is carried out within the frameworks of the following open source projects and services: