Quality Assurance for Soil Moisture

The QA4SM project provides an operational online validation service for soil moisture products (https://qa4sm.eu/). The easy-to-use service allows users to quickly generate traceable validation results using an open access valdidation framework, Pytesmo.

Development of the service is ongoing with new features being added each month. The service allows the validation of various EO datasets including C3S SM, SMAP L3 , ASCAT from the H-SAF project or the Climate Change Initiative soil moisture dataset (CCI) against reference data from ISMN and GLDAS.

To try out the service, please sign up at the QA4SM service. If you have any comments, suggestions for improvements or questions, please contact Wolfgang Preimesberger.

Project goals

  • Develop an online validation service accepted by user community
  • Enhance the traceability of soil moisture validation
  • Provide input to community good practice guidance on soil moisture validation

Funding agency

QA4SM is supported by the Austrian Space Application Programme.

Project duration

May 2018 - October 2021


Main roles of CLIMERS

  • Scientific lead
  • Development of quality metrics including stability
  • Technical expertise on EO datasets and validation frameworks

CLIMERS members involved

Project Highlights

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