C3S Soil Moisture

The Copernicus Climate Change Service (C3S) aims to provide authoritative, quality assured climate data records of essential climate variables (ECVs). The EODC is the data provider for the soil moisture ECV with AWST, VanderSat and TU Wien as subcontractors. In this project we will build upon the legacy of the ESA CCI Soil Moisture project to produce a long-term consistent soil moisture climate data record and update this product every 10 days with the latest observations. In addition to the daily active, passive and combined active+passive microwave soil moisture products also dekadal (10-daily) and monthly mean products aregenerated and provided to the Copernicus Climate Data Store.



  • Copernicus Programme

Project duration

  • November 2016 - July 2024

Main roles CLIMERS

  • Development of the long term data record processor
  • Quality assurance of the datasets
  • Provision of temporally and spatially resampled data


CLIMERS members involved

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