Ongoing BSc and MSc theses

Name Degree (study) Topic Year Supervisors Related project
Daniel Aberer BSc (Geodesy) Error characterisation of remotely sensed vegetation optical depth products ongoing (2017) Gruber, Dorigo  
Gerald Bauer BSc (Geodesy) Sensitivity analysis of soil moisture simulations in a global vegetation model ongoing (2017) Forkel, Gruber, Dorigo EOWAVE
Thomas Boehm BSc (Geodesy) Spatial interpolation of in situ measurements from the International Soil Moisture Network ongoing (2017) Gruber, Dorigo ISMN
Philip Buttinger BSc (Geodesy) Comparing microwave vegetation optical depth with global biomass estimates ongoing (2017) Forkel, Dorigo EOWAVE
Wolfgang Preimesberger MSc (Geodesy) Homogeneity testing of the ESA CCI soil moisture data set ongoing (2017) Gruber, Dorigo earth2observe
Pia Ruttner BSc (Geodesy) Triple collocation based multi-model ensemble merging ongoing (2017) Gruber, Dorigo earth2observe
Jutta Scherf BSc (Geodesy) Monitoring glacier change from Landsat using Google Earth Engine ongoing (2017) Dorigo  
Lukas Schremmer BSc (Geodesy) Comparison of surface soil moisture from satellite observations with a global vegetation model ongoing (2017) Forkel, Gruber, Dorigo EOWAVE
Felix Zaussinger BSc (Geodesy) Irrigation derivation from modelled and remotely sensed soil moisture estimates ongoing (2017) Gruber, Dorigo earth2observe


Ongoing PhD theses

Name University Topic (working title) Year Supervisors Related project
Irene Teubner TU Wien, GEO Estimation of plant productivity from microwave satellite observations 2016-present Dorigo, Forkel EOWAVE
Angelika Xaver TU Wien, GEO Potential of crowd-sourced data for climate and environmental science 2017-present Dorigo GROW, ISMN
Luca Zappa TU Wien, GEO Combining Sentinel-1 and crowd-sourced data for improved yield forecasting 2017-present Dorigo GROW, ISMN
Leander Mösinger TU Wien, GEO   2018-present Dorigo internal funding