GROW Observatory

The GROW observatory aims to inspire and bring together citzens who want generate, share and use environmental data.  This can lead to more sustainable land use practices, better soil and land governance and policy, and a unique data repository for science. Within the project, several thousand low-cost sensors are distributed to citizen scientists throughout Europe, allowing growers to monitor soil moisture and other parameters at unprecedented scales.

grow-sensor.pngGROW soil moisture sensor deployed in the field

Project goals

The project aims to generate a unique data repository, including soil moisture data with, the purpose of informing decision making and policy.


Main roles of CLIMERS

  • Validation of remotely sensed soil moisture products (in particular Sentinel-1) using crowd-sourced data
  • Quality evaluation of the soil moisture dataset generated within the project
  • Deployment and maintenance of a high-density network based on low-cost sensors in the HOAL catchment

CLIMERS members involved

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