ISMN (International Soil Moisture Network)

Description: A harmonized and quality controlled global in-situ soil moisture database, operational since 2010 and constantly expanded temporally as well as with additional networks.

Applications: Validation of remotely sensed soil moisture data.

More information: ISMN websiteCLIMERS Project page


QA4SM (Quality Assurance for Soil Moisture)

Description: The QA4SM project provides an operational online validation service for soil moisture products. The easy-to-use service allows users to quickly generate traceable validation results using an open access valdidation framework, Pytesmo.

Applications: Validation of remotely sensed soil moisture data.

More information: QA4SM website, CLIMERS Project page


Data Viewer

Description: Data visualsation tool allowing users to view and plot multiple demonstrational soil moisture and vegetation optical depth datasets. 

Applications: Data visualization, plotting and analysis.

More information: Online DataViewer


Grid Point Locator

Description: The DGG (Discrete Global Grid) Point Locator displays point locations for various grids (e.g. WARP, SMOS, Quarter-Degree-Grid).

Applications: Intended to support users of ASCAT, SMOS, and ECV soil moisture data in the selection of data for their area of interest.

More information: DGG Point Locator


GitHub packages

Description: A variety of Python software packages are hosted and maintained on GitHub.

Applications: Support users with downloading, reading, re-sampling and processing of soil moisture products.

More information: GEO GitHub Repository