Global Flood Monitoring (GFM) product release + workshop

The GEO Remote Sensing team is part of the new Global Flood Monitoring (GFM), an operational & near real-time service which complements the Copernicus Emergency Management Service (CEMS). The European radar-satellite constellation of Sentinel-1 is continuously and globally monitoring the Earth's surface. Every incoming observation is immediately analysed by three independent flood detection algorithms. Check out the online global data viewer, accessing the near-real-time data via the “Monitoring” tab!

The resulting information is provided openly to a wide variety of users, ranging from national civil protection authorities to humanitarian bodies, global insurance companies and the general public.

Potential future users and interested people are welcome to sign in for the first GFM webinar at 28th of April 2022, under this link.

 April 1, 2022

 Microwave Remote Sensing